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Welcome to Ponderosa Cactus, the Premier Plant Nursery of Tucson – A Carrasco Family Legacy. Established in 1986, our family-owned plant nursery has thrived under the stewardship of the Carrasco family, now welcoming its second generation. We specialize in offering an extensive array of cacti, from rare finds to beloved classics, meticulously curated to enhance any collection.

Discover the serenity and beauty of the desert at Ponderosa Cactus. Our diverse selection is carefully chosen to cater to both avid collectors and newcomers to the world of cacti, ensuring every plant from our nursery not only survives but flourishes in your care. With decades of experience, our experts provide personalized advice and support, guiding you in creating vibrant desert landscapes right in your backyard.

Join the Carrasco family tradition at Ponderosa Cactus and immerse yourself in a world where nature’s rugged beauty meets meticulous care. Explore our Tucson plant nursery for the perfect addition to your space, where each cactus is a testament to our passion for and dedication to the earth’s natural wonders. Step into Ponderosa Cactus today, where our family’s heritage and the allure of the desert landscape await you.

A Wide Variety Of Plants

Discover the Vibrant Selection at Our Plant Nursery in Tucson – Ponderosa Cactus. Explore a captivating array of botanicals beyond our renowned cacti. Delve into our stunning collection of succulents, from the charming Echeverias to the striking Haworthias, each offering unique beauty and easy care.

Experience the lushness of the tropics with our selection of tropical plants. Immerse yourself in the rich colors and varied textures of Calatheas, Monsteras, and Philodendrons. Enjoy the refined beauty of flowering plants as Orchids and Bromeliads display their spectacular blooms, adding elegance and vibrant color to your surroundings. For those who appreciate the classics, our houseplants like Pothos, Snake Plants, and Peace Lilies provide not only timeless aesthetics but also air-purifying properties.

Of course, our signature cacti are not to be missed. From the architectural splendor of Yucca Rostrata to the distinctive Myrtillocactus Geometrizans, each plant showcases the resilience and unique charm of these desert inhabitants. At Ponderosa Cactus, every plant is carefully selected to ensure it thrives in your environment, enriching your space with life and beauty.

Visit Ponderosa Cactus for a top-tier botanical experience. Explore our extensive plant nursery in Tucson, where a stunning variety of cacti and other plants await to transform your home or garden with their vitality and allure.

Plant Nurture Flourish

Our Plant Nursery Selections

What People Are Saying

Hope S
Love love love PC! Great selection, ambiance & service! Highly recommend! Also, great prices! Thank you to everyone at PC!
Nancy A
Esmerelda, Ponderosa Cactus owner, and her team were more than knowledgeable and helpful, they were magicians with all these gorgeous succulence, cacti, plants and accessories. Their prices were very reasonable! Their selection was vast and their desire to help was refreshing! You bet I'm returning again and again!
Jason K
Always good service from a hardworking family that's been in the business for decades. My business always calls Ponderosa when we need something desert plant-related. The new location on Ft Lowell is staffed by a fantastic couple. The selection is great and the place looks awesome. Bueno Suerte, Ponderosa people.
Marty C
Maricela is great to work with! We are "fixing" our front yard and she had a great assortment of desert plants and was most accommodating. Gave us some great info and great pricing! We'll be back!!
Christopher P
This place is amazing, like going to the botanical gardens for free! The lady working was ever so helpful, and really told us exactly what we needed to know. At times, she overwhelmed me with all her knowledge, but overall, an awesome experience.
Rachel E
Great variety of plants and extremely healthy! The whole crew at Ponderosa Cactus are extremely helpful and great to work with. Not to mention their prices are INCREDIBLE! They are some of the most reasonable prices in town. Love this place and cannot wait to come back for more!
Veronica B
Ponderosa Cactus did a phenomenal job with the installation of my multi-armed saguaro. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and the nursery itself is breathtaking! I love it here and will be back
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entrance to a gift shop at the plant nursery in Tucson

Gift Shop

In addition to our selection of plants, you can find charming gifts and decor items at Ponderosa Cactus. We have beautiful pots with Southwestern flair and bold colors that perfectly complement our array of cacti and houseplants. Our collection is bound to impress plant enthusiasts and interior design lovers alike. In addition to pots, we offer a curated selection of unique items that are perfect for gifting or adding a personal touch to your space.
green plant found at a tucson nursery, where the plant experts help you with choosing the right trees

Wholesale Plants

Our dedicated wholesale location extends our green thumb to local businesses, landscapers, and public projects in Tucson and beyond. Here, we offer a vast range of plants in bulk quantities and offer not only the highest quality plants, but also a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations. We understand the unique horticultural needs of Tucson’s climate, and our wholesale selection reflects this expertise. Our wholesale plant nursery is the ideal source for all your large-scale plant needs.

a plant shop behind tall cactus

Landscaping Design Consultations

As one of Tucson’s leading providers of desert flora, we understand the region’s unique climate. We are here to help you navigate the fascinating world of drought-resistant landscaping. We’ll consider your microclimate, soil, and design preferences to make thoughtful recommendations about the best plants for your needs. You can apply the cost of this consultation ($100 per 30 minutes) as a credit to purchases at our plant store.

Come Check Our Plant Nursery Out

No matter where you visit us, you can count on friendly service and an exceptionl selection of cacti and houseplants. We also offer charming gifts and unique decor items. At Ponderosa Cactus, we are here to help you add some greenery to your indoor and outdoor spaces and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our selection.

Visit our plant nursery in Tucson today.